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The earlier the male learns to be the submissive, docile and obedient partner to his more assertive and dominant Female counterpart, the deeper and more complete his domination will become. Losing to a stronger, more confident Female at any age can only serve to instill the already latent docile and submissive feelings of the male.

As the old cliche' says... "what goes around, comes around" and to all of the males in the world, do not think that Women of today and the future will forget what males have done to their mothers, daughters, sisters, grandmothers and great grandmothers! Centuries of oppression on Women by males to teach the so called "weaker sex" to "know their place" physically and psychological abuse from drunk and macho males, job discrimination, Females sold as slaves and put in the streets as prostitutes for males pimps, denied for many years to right to vote, labeled as domestics to serve mankind, kept barefoot and pregnant, Women's dreams and ambitions dashed to pieces so males can keep their power structure in tact, and the endless list goes on and on, of these male atrocities against Women! Women are educating themselves at alarming pace and in record numbers worldwide while we males continue to fall behind in all aspects of life, while drinking beer and watching sports and playing virtual computer games. Women are the masters when it comes to getting even to things done to them (ask any married man)... hell hath no fury to a Woman scorned.... it is their nature and Women never forget! males of the world, make no mistake about it, the feminist move is alive and very powerful... one of their primary goals now, is to accelerate the current role reversals in societies worldwide! Once males are no longer deemed "breadwinners" Women will see to it, that males will be in kitchen baking the bread, while Women will wear the title "female breadwinner" these things will happen within the next 250 to 300 years or less. Imagine men as once strong and proud warriors, but in the upcoming and near future, now reduce to domesticated second class servants for the new ruling class of Women. Next up for males is the "feminization of males" it will be the final nail in the coffin for males as they once saw themselves! Women will wear business suits and pants and males will wear more feminine attire to assume their new roles as the weaker sex, the ultimate in humiliation of a male...this is not fantasy, check the stats on Women empowerment and progression in today's society, numbers do not lie !! So males in the future be forewarned....... her boots were made for walking, and that's just they will do, cause one of these days, these boots are gonna walk all over YOU! 


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